What are HID Grow Lamp Systems?

In our previous post A Guide to Grow Lights we explained why it is necessary to use specialist grow lamps to grow cannabis indoors, and ran through the various types of artificial lighting available. Here we look at the most popular choice in a little more detail and describe the component parts. HID Grow Lights … Read more

10 Top Tips for Autoflowering Plants & A Higher Yield

Autoflower yield tips Autoflowering cannabis is just great. Without the complications of maintaining a light cycle it can be a whole lot easier than growing standard cannabis, and with seed to harvest rates from as low as 9 weeks (sorry I don’t rate anything with less than this time period) they’re fast too. But getting … Read more

The Bra Method of Seed Germination!

Germinating cannabis seeds seems often to be more of a problem than it should be. The problem is that these little gems are costly and every failed seed is counted in dollars lost. And yet seed germination should be easy: provide them with the right temperature, moisture and darkness and they should sprout.  So why … Read more

Need a big yield fast? Bulk buy Auto seeds

Why bulk buy autoflower seeds? There are a few advantages to autoflowering cannabis (not fussing with light/dark cycle, for example) .. but the biggest benefit to autoflowers is the speed of crop from seed to harvest. The downside though is that as they are impossible to clone, unless you can bulk buy autoflower seeds, the set … Read more

Cheese Grow

Growing the infamous cannabis strain – Cheese

Pruning cannabis

So what are the different types of pruning to increase yield? Stem Tip Removal (meristem pruning) Object: Shorter, bushier plant Technique: Pinching out the main stem tip encourages those growing tips below the removal point to branch out. Use secateurs or sharp knife to avoid bruising Timing: When the main stem has reached optimum height … Read more