AF-600 grow light / 25 plant auto grow day 14

Checklist for what I used: General Hydroponics Flora Series QT – FloraGro, FloraBloom, and FloraMicro Advanced Nutrients Sensical Grow – 1L Canna Rhizotonic 0.25 Liter General Hydroponics pH Down – 1 Gallon Food Grade 3% Hydrogen Peroxide-32 ozs. Hanna Instruments HI 98129 Waterproof pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester AF600 LED GROW LIGHT REVIEW AF-600 LED grow light / … Read more

A Quick Guide to Lighting for Indoor Cannabis Grows

For those of you who don’t remember your school biology classes (well the botany ones at least), plants need light to grow. This self-evident fact that we all take for granted maybe needs explaining in a little more detail if we are to replicate the natural environment in an indoor grow room. Plants are autotrophs, … Read more

My First Indoor Grow With LED Lights

I am a novice grower, I started last year just doing outdoor autoflowering plants but I seriously got the bug and decided (after campo bugged me for a couple of months) to turn my shed into a grow room, it’s only small 1.3m x1.5m and 1.5m high so only a micro grow using 1sqm. Campo … Read more

Fero LED grow light: Review & Test Grow

Fero LED grow light: Review & Test Grow This is the second trial we’ve undertaken of Fero LED lights, the first being a hid V led showdown (see here). This time the growers guide to cannabis have decided to do a stand alone grow using the biggest light in Fero’s 4g range,  LED grow light … Read more

Propagation Lights

We all know that the right lighting is necessary for clones and seedlings. Too strong a light, and they will suffer. Too little light and they will stretch and flop. Over the next few weeks I will be conducting a series of amateur trials looking for the most efficient amount of propagation lighting needed to cover a … Read more

Are LEDs cannabis growing’s problem solver?

More and more cannabis growers are moving to using LEDs and that includes many of the team here at the Growers Guide to Cannabis. Why? Well for us, LED grow lights just make growing cannabis easier. Are LEDs cannabis growing’s problem solver? LEDs solve many  issues for cannabis grows: Heat One of the biggest issues … Read more

Fero Adjustable LED GROW LIGHT

WOW! You know when I received the 4G Fero 900 for testing, I was impressed with the sexiness of the design .. it had “big and beautiful” written all over it. The Fero Adjustable is an Aston Martin to the 4Gs Lambo. Or maybe its an S class Mercedes, as the first thing that strikes … Read more

What are HID Grow Lamp Systems?

In our previous post A Guide to Grow Lights we explained why it is necessary to use specialist grow lamps to grow cannabis indoors, and ran through the various types of artificial lighting available. Here we look at the most popular choice in a little more detail and describe the component parts. HID Grow Lights … Read more