Need a big yield fast? Bulk buy Auto seeds

Why bulk buy autoflower seeds?

There are a few advantages to autoflowering cannabis (not fussing with light/dark cycle, for example) .. but the biggest benefit to autoflowers is the speed of crop from seed to harvest. The downside though is that as they are impossible to clone, unless you can bulk buy autoflower seeds, the set up cost for any large area can be prohibitive.

Leaving out the new large yielding sativa super-autos, which take 14 weeks + (after all you can get an indica photoperiod plant from seedling through harvest in this time), I want to show how you can get a quick substantial yield from germination to harvest in 11 weeks.

I’ve been experimenting and playing with autos for around 3 years now, and one of my hobbies is breeding autos.  I’ve grown out more than 30 autoflowering types, hydroponically,  indoors and out doors ….both sativa and indica cannabis strains. So what I want to share with you now is what I’ve found gets me the most weight for the shortest amount of time..

Because of their size autoflowering cannabis strains grow great in Sea of Green ..

If you want to get a big yield fast, you need to use a Sea of Green method using many autos in 1-2 gallon pots (coco-perlite)

  • 4 plants a foot or 16 plants a meter

If you have enough light, your tray of seedlings will look like this in under 3 months

Because I’m using a small pot, the wet dry cycle tends to be very rapid. This means I have a good control on the cannabis nutrients and pH levels. I can adjust and react quickly to any problems when needed without worrying about over watering issues.

I know it sounds crazy but this has been the single most Discovery I’ve made where I can for myself virtually guarantee I’m going to be hitting that gram a watt target I aim for under LEDs. Keeping the plants small also means I end up with a single large donkey dick cola and two or three side smaller colas (depending on the strain), with little wastage and popcorn buds: so when dried and cured I have a fantastic crop of full fat nugs with excellent bag appeal and quality.

Now to buy these cannabis seeds when doing say a 64 square feet grow (4m2) I need 64 feminised auto seeds … but at nearly 10 dollars a seed it sure means a hefty outlay.

So you need to find the best deals on bulk buying autoflower seeds ..

After a couple of grows I researched on how I could bring the cost down and still get a super fast crop with excellent standards. And I’ve found some deals for bulk buy autoflower seeds which just deserve sharing with you all. It really is the best and quickest way to get a decent return.

Ive even included on the list my own Auto flowering variety Un femmed “Ice Express” for all you budding breeders out there

If you need a quick fast way to get 300-400g a meter, this is really the easiest way to do it!

Thanx GG2C for letting me share this with you all. Get the best deals on bulk buy autoflowers here

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