Moon Rocks: What Makes Them Awesome

Discovering moon rocks is like opening the door to a moonwalk trip. Moon rocks are like the gourmet food of marijuana. There’s a great advert for a dispensary product that shows moonrocks as being marijuana’s latest – and implied, best – evolutionary development. So, what are moonrocks – and are they really that good?

What Are Moon Rocks?

Despite what you might think, moonrocks are NOT a new strain of cannabis. Instead, they get their name from the very lumpy, rock-like shape that results when you take a bud, dip it in cannabis oil, and then roll it lightly in kief.

Smoking the end result is a superb blend of the three different effects, a harmonizing combination that takes getting high to a new and more sophisticated level.

Sometimes it’s called cannabis caviar which implies both the expense and delicacy of the end product.

Don’t get confused with MDMA crystals, also called moonrocks – you’ll get a different hit from that purchase!

Kief is the pollen or dry sift you get when you shake your weed and trim.

Who Came Up with the Idea of Moon Rocks?

No one can be 100% sure, but allegedly, moon rocks appeared in the 1990s rap scene for the first time. Dispensaries have since marketed their products as created by the Death Row rappers Kurupt and Dr. Zodiac.

How to Make your Own Moon Rocks?

Making your own moon rocks is actually easier than you think. If you have easy access to the ingredients. If you’re just a grower looking to experience something different with your crops, then you need to invest your bit to get everything needed to make moon rocks.

What you need to make your moon rocks

You can use a BHO made quite simply using a HoneyBee Extractor. BHO Wax makes for the smoothest most flavoursome effect,

You can mix and match your strains, pairing an Indica bud with a Sativa based kief etc. The possibilities and combinations are endless!

Step-by-step guide to make your moon rocks

Step One: Soften wax/oil

If the concentrate or oil you’re using is too thick and hard to manipulate, then you need to heat it gently. Place it in the silicon dish inside a larger container with hot water.

Step Two: Coat your Buds

Use a syringe or a dropper to cover your buds with the oil or concentrate. This way, you don’t have to dip the buds in the oil, which will extend the drying time and make it harder to light later.

Be mindful of filling every crevice until there’s no green showing.

Step Three: Roll in Kief

Using the tweezers, roll the oil-coated buds in a bowl containing kief. Make sure you cover the entire bud with these dry powdery crystals until you have a good layer of kief.

Step Four: Let it Dry

Just let your moon rocks dry until they’re ready to smoke.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks?

First, it needs to be said that moon rocks are extremely potent. These are not meant for beginners or people who have not experienced high THC before. Moon rocks pack a powerful punch and it’s one of the most couchlock smokes you’ll ever experience.

But, how do you smoke moon rocks?

Pretty much the same as smoking your regular buds. However, check some useful tips.

Don't put it in a grinder

We don’t recommend putting moon rocks on the grinder as you could shake off any loose kief. Instead, cutting it with a clean knife or crumbling the rock directly over the rolling paper is better.

Use glassware

bong to smoke moon rocks

For us, it’s using a bong or a pipe. Moon rocks are greasier than regular buds and you’ll likely have trouble keeping it lit. Also, rolling a full joint of moon rocks comes at a price (literally).

If you cut a piece, break it, and sprinkle it over the ground bud, that can work for you, and it’s more cost-effective.

Tips for Smoking Moon Rocks

We already mentioned the powerful punch these moon rocks pack, and we’re definitely not exaggerating. So here are a few tips to consider before smoking.

Get all your tasks done

Regular smokers like us know we can have a regular joint and accomplish plenty of tasks while high, with an even sharper focus, depending on what and how you’re smoking.

However, borrow a tip from me and finish your stuff before hitting your moonrocks. You may spend many hours locked to your couch and then regret all the time wasted.

Plan for the "munchies" and the cottonmouth

We’ve all been there once. Rookies hear about the munchies and the cottonmouth but don’t actually realize these are real until they experience them.

Grab a gallon of water and sit it right next to you. Also, grab whatever snack you usually have when the munchies attack.

Don’t wait for your stomach to roar and your mouth to be all dry to attempt to move and get something from the kitchen.

Get yourself comfy

Set your smoke room, lounge, or couch in a way that feels comfortable and positive for you. You’re gonna spend a great deal of time in couchlock mode, so ensure you’re in a setting with good vibes to just sit and chill with yourself.

Start low, go slow

This is common sense. The kick of moon rocks will definitely send you to walk the moon, but it starts kicking in about 30 minutes. So please wait several minutes before one inhale and another, let mother nature do her stuff.

Especially if you’re trying moon rocks for the first time, start low, go slow.