So what is supercopping? And how do you do it?

Combine stressing at cellular level with breaking the vertical apical dominance through horizontal training and the end result is, quite simply, more marijuana bud.

Supercropping is simply combining methods of training. Pick the techniques which seem best to you …

OK so that’s the theory, how does it work in practice? Here’s what we’ve done for super-cropping.

  1. We broke absolute apical dominance by topping the plants after around 2-3 weeks of vegetative growth. This encouraged 3 main stems to develop instead of one. 
  2. Knuckling. (if anyone knows a better name for this I’d be grateful!)

If LST uses weights or ties and SCROGing involves a screen and weaving plants, knuckling uses the repair abilities of the cambian layer to make the plant make its own support structure. All work on the principle of breaking vertical growth dominance. (and if you skipped the botany lesson above, you’ll have to go back and read it if you want to know why)

But you have to be brave to create knuckling. With one hand support the lower stem. With the other, bend the stem into a right angle until you feel the inner core snap. (Yes you read that right). Try not to tear the outer protective layer (this will take longer to heal) but if you do, splint with cloth or even gaffer tape. 

We did this 5 weeks into vegetative growth. This photo taken a few weeks later shows the formed knuckle and increased stem width after the bend.

These white widows have been grown in pots, in a coco-perlite mix. Moveability is key for watering, and I knew they would need to be transported before end of flowering so couldn’t tie or scrog them. Knuckling has induced horizontal training without any external support structure:

The 3 thick stems now spread horizontally and there are innumerate sideshoots growing vertically. When put into flower, each of these sideshoots will form their own colas.

Now we’ve exaggerated this whole process for the purpose of writing this article. The white widows have been left in vegetative growth for a long 14 weeks, which you wouldn’t normally do with an indoor marijuana plant. It does show you however how its possible to get one hundred heads on an outdoor cannabis crop – and keep the plant neat, tidy & just a little less noticeable ….

The technique we’ve described doesn’t need such a long veg stage nor such big marijuana plants though … it will even work on autoflowering cannabis, which has virtually no vegetative stage at all. What we have noticed though is that the process needs to be done before flowers start. After flowering begins to set, any kind of stress will delay flowering whilst the plant attends to damage done by the techniques. But I guess that goes without saying really. 

What we need now is a photo of the finished plant once its flowered … hang tight for an update, or follow Heavy Ds grow!

Here we go, a super stinky auto thats been knuckled heavily to reduce its height. This pure sativa based auto grows BIG BIG BIG and isnt normally recommended for an indoor grow. However its been grown under a Fero LED Adjustable indoors and its turned out great!

This plant is a monster! It takes up a 1.5m by 1.2m square area and stands at 80cm. It has its own self-supporting scrog effect thanks to the knuckling, and has survived moving house in the back of a van fine!

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