Mother Plants & Cloning 101: Why Selecting the Right Mum Leads to Bigger Yields

“Want to get awesome yields?

Starting a mother plant and using her to make clones is what the best cannabis growers do. Using clones (or cuttings) shortens the time between harvests, and growing the same genetics over several indoor grows means that you get to know your plants’ needs perfectly.

What is a mother plant?

A mother plant is a female cannabis plant that is kept permanently in vegetative growth and used to take cuttings from for each consecutive flower cycle in your indoor grow room. Seeds from the same strain will possess slightly different genetic traits (genotypes), just like non-identical twins differ. That’s why it’s important to choose the best mother plant if you want success.
This video explains how to make mother plants and what to look for when picking a mother plant for clones. Making a list of desirable characteristics such as yield, ease of grow, smell, plant vitality makes it easier to select the best mother.
You can read more about how to choose a mother plant by reading this.