Are LEDs cannabis growing’s problem solver?

More and more cannabis growers are moving to using LEDs and that includes many of the team here at the Growers Guide to Cannabis. Why? Well for us, LED grow lights just make growing cannabis easier.

Are LEDs cannabis growing’s problem solver?

LEDs solve many  issues for cannabis grows:


One of the biggest issues many growers face is dealing with heat extraction. Because LEDs increase environmental ambient temperature by only a º or 2, there’s less stress on the plants, and less expense dealing with heat.  Its my belief that without the stress caused to plants by excess heat, LEDs make growing easier for a lot of beginner growers. Its just one less issue to have to deal with

What are optimum growing temperatures for cannabis? See here

Electricity Useage

Watt for watt we find that LEDs produce 25-40% more yield than HPS. Turn that equation around and you get: “to produce the same yield as “x” you use a LED drawing 25-40% less power”. Add the fact that your extractor is smaller, you’re not running air-con etc etc and your electricity bill falls significantly.

Read our LED vs HPS grow off where we discovered for the first time that LEDs produce more bud than HPS. It was our “on the road to damascus” moment, and we’ve had the same results time after time since.

You’re less likely to get busted

Why? Well LEDs won’t stop you or your mates blabbing about your “secret” room in a pub full of policemen, but because they have no heat signature for thermal imaging cameras to pick up and because an LED grow room uses less electricity than an HPS grow room, its not so obvious that “unusual activity” is happening at your premises.

Use a carbon filter, keep your mouth shut and quite frankly with an LED grow, no one needs to know!

How do LEDs work to grow cannabis?

I suggest you start by reading this article here: LED grow lights and cannabis

Do LEDs work to grow cannabis?

well the proof is in the pudding ..

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