As a wild plant, cannabis sativa subs. Indica grows wild all over eastern Asia. Rather than smoke the buds – which are nothing like those we are now used to, thanks to clever breeders – the earliest form of hashish was created by gently stroking cannabis buds so that the sticky THC resin would accumulate on palms and fingers: this would then be scraped off, dried and smoked.

The quality of hash varies enormously around the world, depending in part on the strength of the local marijuana plant, the means of production, and the use of additives, or even simply the amount of green material allowed to corrupt the finished product. Most smokers have their favourite type, and the experienced will tell you that nothing tastes quite the same as Charas on an Indian beach, or Moroccan blonde in Fes and so on.

Hash is processed THC resin: the THC has been removed from the green plant material and preserved for long term use. This resin is mostly found in the trichomes in the female flower, but is available throughout plants of both sexes, and making hash is simply a way of extracting as much of this resin as possible. As such, there are many different means and methods of making hash, some more effective than others (in terms of the amount of hash produced), while others are better suited to the personal grower (in terms of quality of hash made).

So why would someone make their own hash?

  • Its a different smoke …” ]Variety is the spice of life but as a recent article on soap bar impurities explained, when you buy a product you don’t always know what went into it
  • It avoids wastage “]Making your own hash is quite simply a good means of getting the most out of your crop. Whilst trichomes are found in concentrated amounts in the mature female plants, they exist throughout the marijuana plant, and are even found in male plants. All that plant material that you discarded during trimming contains around 10% of the cannabis plant’s THC production. Do you really want to throw this away?
  • A good quality hash is easily marketable ” ]Now while we do not condone illegal activity, it has to be pointed out that if you can consistently produce a high quality hashish it is easy to “brand” and therefore market hash. A bag of skunk will always remain a bag of flower heads. Stamp your hash with a distinctive brand and all your friends will know its yours
  • Hash stores well & has a long life” ]Its not going to go stale as quickly as weed does, nor is it as susceptible to mould
  • Its a more hygienic smoke than bought hash” ]Unfortunately, as those of us in Spain know when purchasing Moroccan “eggs” you all too often can guess how it got to you (buy in bulk and these enema shaped pods often smell rather too)

As cannabis growers we are unlikely to find ourselves in the lucky position where we have so much bud that we collect trichs on our fingertips … but nevertheless even small grows generate an amount of green material which can be converted from waste to wonderful smoke

How to make your own hashish: