Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Growing cannabis outdoors has a simplicity and satisfaction quite different from the technique of an indoor grow room. Given a well-prepared soil, sufficient water and nutrients, the outdoor cannabis plant can achieve maximum growth as it harnesses the power of the sun for photosynthesis. Its cheap, requiring little investment; its possible in even the smallest garden – or balcony – and it can be hugely rewarding, not just in the end smoke, but in the process of watching your cannabis plant grow. But it’s not enough to merely throw down a seed and come back several months later if you want success – a natural environment is also full of potential natural hazards from weather to predator. The good gardener will nurture and cherish his outdoor plants as carefully as s/he does those grown indoors:

Tips for growing cannabis outdoors:

  • select your strain carefully, to suit your climate. Also look for pest-resistance and ease of grow.
  • choose the location for you plant carefully, taking into mind discretion and ease of access for you to bring water etc. Unless you live in a mediterranean climate your plants will need full sun.
  • start seeds indoors where you can give them the best start to life and protect them from predators and weather extremes whilst they are so vulnerable
  • prepare the ground well, digging over and adding cannabis compost to make a loose airy earth so that the rootball can develop well.
  • use cannabis specific nutrients through growth and flower – these really will allow them to realise their full potential. There are great organic ranges available.
  • water frequently, but not a little and often: allow the soil to get dry before soaking again.
  • check regularly for signs of pests and disease – Neem can be used throughout as a preventative measure.

Want to get the most from growing cannabis outdoors?

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