All you need to know to buy the best indoor weed growing kit


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Main extraction and filter: this is going to depend on the size of your room,  however for a 1000w light running with a air cooled HID lighting system, then this 6″ exhaust fan and carbon filter combo will do you very nicely. It will keep good airflow and environmental levels steady: add the  flow rate controller & you should be able to keep your marijuana  grow room in optimum conditions:

VenTech VT IF6+CF6 Duct Fan with Virgin Charcoal Carbon Filter Combo, 440 CFM, 6″

Don’t forget to get 6″ ducting (listed on previous page) if you need more!

A speed controller allows you to adjust the speed at which your exhaust fan rotates, giving you greater control over your grow room environmentals. For example, if your room is running hot, set your fan at full speed; if your humidity is low, run your fan at slow to allow the plants to increase relative humidity levels.

VenTech VT SPD-CTRL VTSPEED Variable Dial Router Fan Speed Controller for Duct and Inline Fans, 6″

Oscillating fans simulate the effect of wind with the result that your plant’s develop stronger supporting stems (necessary in late stage flowering for the weight of all that lovely bud). They also move air around your grow room, preventing hot spots and dispersing CO2. A wall mounted one like this one saves on floor space):

and finally I recommend a good quality temp/humidity digital gauge to help monitor and dial in your environmentals. I find this little tool invaluable: if my cannabis plants show signs of stress its easy to jump to the conclusion that it is a disease or nutrient problem. Very often though the issue is a climatic one and a min/max temperature/humidity gauge will tell you if there’s been a problem with your environmentals at a time when you’ve not been in your grow room.

what growing system do we recommend?:

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