Beginner’s Grow Guides

Everything a beginner needs to know about growing cannabis: Our beginner’s grow guides have been written specifically for people who know nothing about growing cannabis. Perhaps you need to grow your own medicine, are fed up with being ripped off or getting low quality weed, or not being able to get any at all! There … Read more

Building an indoor grow room

So you’ve decided to make growing cannabis your new hobby? Be warned: the art of growing weed can be more addictive than merely smoking marijuana! Still, with a little fore-thought and the Growers Guide to Cannabis, you can make the indoor grow room a beautiful area of marijuana buds. Why can’t I just grow cannabis … Read more

Everything you need to know about how to grow autoflowering cannabis

How to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis – and grow it well Want to know how to grow autoflowering cannabis? Not sure about what makes autoflowers different from “normal” marijuana plants? The Growers Guide to Cannabis has published helpful topics about autos over a 5 year period, and together these form one of the most complete autoflowering … Read more

Sexing marijuana

how to tell female from male cannabis plants Cannabis is dioecious: except in unusual circumstances, a plant will bear either male or female flowers, but not both. Only the female plants produce flowers containing desirable amounts of THC, and, if they are fertilised (i.e. pollinated by a male plant) the amount of THC is reduced as … Read more

Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Growing cannabis outdoors has a simplicity and satisfaction quite different from the technique of an indoor grow room. Given a well-prepared soil, sufficient water and nutrients, the outdoor cannabis plant can achieve maximum growth as it harnesses the power of the sun for photosynthesis. Its cheap, requiring little investment; its possible in even the smallest … Read more

Stealth for wealth? A quick guide to safe growing …

Whilst we admire the bold defiance of the  Feed the Birds group, we don’t always want to brag about our growing. Overt planting of cannabis in public places emphasizes the point that our favorite plant is just that, a plant: but when it comes to our own back yard most of us need to be a … Read more