A How To Guide to Guerilla Growing

Secrets of a successful & discrete outdoor cannabis grow: a guide to guerilla growing As the temperatures warm up and finally it looks like summer may be round the corner for many of us, we begin to think about outdoor growing, and even doing a guerilla grow. What is guerilla growing? Quite simply, its a … Read more

The best purple cannabis strains

The best purple strains – and lets add blue cannabis in here too! The best purple cannabis strains always seem to disappear quickly whenever you grow them: friends pop round more often and suddenly your stash is gone. So what makes a purple (or blue) strain that color, what’s the best way to grow purple … Read more

The science of the CBD

What is CBD? A few years ago many smokers hadn’t even heard of CBD. For the majority of tokers it has always been the THC content that has been the indicative factor as to whether or not a particular strain was something special. But since the advent of medical marijuana the term CBD is thrown … Read more

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Everything You Need to Know About Moonrocks

Discovering moonrocks is a little like your first sip of chilled champagne on a sunny day, or that exquisite taste of the first chocolate from a Brussel’s Chocolatier. There’s a great advert for a dispensary product which shows moonrocks as being marijuana’s latest – and implied, best – evolutionary development. So what are moonrocks – … Read more

Flowering your cannabis mother plant

Using cannabis clones or cuttings is a great way to run your grow room: you get a standardized crop which grows with equal vigour and finishes simultaneously. There may come a time however when you decide to change your strain and start again from seed, selecting a new mother plantfrom a batch of seedlings. In which … Read more

Everything you need to know about autoflowers: a grow guide

GROWING AUTOFLOWERS OUTDOORS So given all the above, why on earth would anyone bother growing this type of cannabis? Well autoflowering marijuana does have some plus points (see advantages below) but I’d argue that its main contribution to the grower’s armory is as an outside plant. Ideally, I give them 4-6 weeks indoors under lights … Read more

Autoflowering Cannabis

….and why the Vegetative Stage is so important. We grew Cream Caramel on a number of grows, its a great smoke and makes a good yield for an auto. I would have to say though that you need to allow UP TO 100 days under LEDs rather than the advertised 35 days!! But we got … Read more

How to build an indoor grow room step by step

How to build the perfect indoor grow room step by step: Growing cannabis indoors is hugely fulfilling. Get your indoor grow room right and you can crop continuously: get it wrong and you will have an expensive hobby that never quite fulfills its potential. So where do most people go wrong when growing quality interior weed? … Read more

All you need to know to buy the best indoor weed growing kit

Ventilation (click here to find out why ventilation is so important in your grow room) Main extraction and filter: this is going to depend on the size of your room,  however for a 1000w light running with a air cooled HID lighting system, then this 6″ exhaust fan and carbon filter combo will do you very nicely. It … Read more