The Quick Guide to Autoflower Nutrients

If you’re growing autoflowers, you know these little plants can be very nutrient hungry. Looking for the best nutes to give your plants is a common thing a beginning grower does. In this post I’ll tell you the nutrients I personally use to grow amazing buds. After you’ve got some experience under your belt, I … Read more

Indoor Grow Guide

complete cannabis indoor grow guide This complete cannabis indoor grow guide contains everything you need to know about cultivating your favorite plant or medicine in an artificial environment. Setting up an indoor grow room, complete with a range of equipment providing light, humidity, ventilation etc can seem off-puttingly complicated – especially when there is so … Read more

The Novice Guide to Medical Cannabis

We live in ironic times: a plant that’s been labelled criminal and dangerous is providing unrivalled relief for a variety of symptoms and conditions. Cannabis activists and users have long been aware that the reality of cannabis use is very different to the way it is usually portrayed by media and government agencies. Those who … Read more

What is cannabis? Understanding the plant.

Our cannabis smoker’s association hosts an open medical morning each month, where local people who have read about the therapeutic effect of cannabis come and  discuss their own treatments, or find out about the subject. One thing I’ve discovered during these meetings is that most people know very little about the plant itself, yet may be … Read more

Successful Outdoor Cannabis Grow Guide

Finally it looks like spring has sprung and with it comes thoughts of growing cannabis outdoors. I’m lucky enough to be able to grow a few plants each year in my garden without this being a problem, so I thought I would share my successful outdoor cannabis garden grow guide with you. I’ve been growing … Read more

So what is supercopping? And how do you do it?

Combine stressing at cellular level with breaking the vertical apical dominance through horizontal training and the end result is, quite simply, more marijuana bud. Supercropping is simply combining methods of training. Pick the techniques which seem best to you … OK so that’s the theory, how does it work in practice? Here’s what we’ve done … Read more

Why getting climate right is key to a successful grow room: Temperature

If you want to achieve awesome results growing cannabis indoors, getting climate right is crucial. Its probably the most overlooked part of running a grow room, but creating the correct climate for your cannabis plants will make the difference between a so-so grow and an impressive yield.   What do we mean by “climate”? The dictionary definition … Read more

Ventilation: getting good air flow for your cannabis grow

Basic plant botany tells us that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Roots need oxygen  so both must be present in the grow room for plant survival. In addition to this, leaves represent the plants lungs: if the stomata (pores) become clogged with poisons expelled by the plant during its transpiration, the leaves will … Read more

How to Grow Cannabis

Growing Cannabis is Easy – When You Know How knowledge is empowerment. Once you understand the basic principles of how the cannabis plant grows, and what it needs to grow well, it is easy to provide your plants with the right environment, lighting, feeds and plant care to take them right from seed to harvest. … Read more