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Great fast auto strain from Buddha Seeds. Goes from seed to harvest in 8 weeks, and produces a reasonable 20g per plant .. with a one cola dominance she is ideal candidate for a sea of green grow and her low height and quick finish also make her good for an early season guerilla grow – she’ll hide in the undergrowth easily.

What we loved about White Dwarf is that she is a very attractive plant to grow, the buds seem to glow white and she certainly stands out from other strains ..

Also love the mind buzzy high of the smoke, great to get the creative juices going ..


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Product Description

Here’s a little vid of white dwarf auto being grown on a windowsill in Spain .. viva Espana!


Buddha Seeds says: (& you have to remember spanish is their first language, not english!)

White Dwarf is an auto flowering Feminized variety with pervasive scent and sweet flavour which comes up from the crossing of 2 indica’s. Then using the auto flowering genes of the ruderalis to produce the ultimate in auto flowering dwarfs. You can have these under 24 hours of light with NO need to switch lighting during the photoperiod. Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Feminized blooms in 2 months alter sowing regardless of photoperiod. Such thing makes it perfect for early crops. Besides that, it is a small-sized discreet plant which can grow up away from the onlookers. Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Feminized resistance and short cycle reduce the chances of having problems during its growth, this variety it is a safe bet for beginners.

And the only comment we at GG2C would add is that actually because it is such a short lived auto, to get good results YOU HAVE to get the veg stage right .. its only 2 weeks, but get it growing well then and you WILL get a good 20g a plant off this quick little wonder.

Get these fast autos off to a good start and you get a great little cannabis crop in 8 weeks!

Autoflower.net grow & smoke review: Buddha Seeds White Widow Autoflower

In overall the White Dwarf was a pretty stable plant. She didn’t overreact once due to water or feeding. She stayed pretty small which is good for Guerilla grows. The pheno I had was very smelly. Between all my plants she was the stinkiest.

As soon she started flowering she had that smell. The smell was very intense, fruity, i liked it, but i wouldn’t recommend it when smell could be a problem. The Flowers were dense and covered with crystals.

I harvested a total of 29gr wet which ended in 6.5gr smokeable weed. Its not that much, but if you take all the problems i had in this grow it is still ok.
With good conditions during all the grow 20g+ should be no problem with this strain.

SmokeReport: The bud i smoked till now was rly nice. It has a nice taste and smell. It starts with a head high which will go over into a body high later, but it will not couchlock you. You can still do creative stuff and your brain is still working good. Be prepared for munchies later on  and YES i would grow this strain again!

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