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    18 Site Aeroponic Plant Cloner – Bloom Brothers

    $69.99 $57.99

    We were amazed by the accelerated root growth that formed when we used one of these aeroponic cloning buckets. Actually I couldn’t help lifting the plants out twice daily just to go “wow! look at the roots”! …

    If you want to get your cannabis plants off to a great start, this is an affordable and definitely recommended way to do it

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    2 Inch EZ Clone Neoprene Collar Insert – 35 Pack

    $17.00 $13.99

    35 Pack can be used in conjunction with aeroponic or DWC propagating systems.

    GG2C SAYS: ” this 35 pack can be used in conjunction with dwc or aero-ponic systems for seamless cannabis plant transfers to the main hydroponic system from the propagation system (easy to use in conjunction with the 2″ net pots).

    They can be reused after cleaning but for the price why bother !

    A step up in the growers game ! 

    Rating : 5/5

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    2 Inch Net Pot and EZ Clone Neoprene Collar Combo – 10 Pack


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    2 Inch Round Orchid/Hydroponics Slotted Mesh Net Pot – 50 Pack

    $11.77 $9.48

    GG2C says: ” we think 2 ” net pots are the best thing since sliced bread: a perfect way to get oxygen and nutrients  to the root zone. 

    They can be used with either Aeroponics DWC or NFT set ups , filled with either clay pebbles or used with neoprene collars. 

    A little lip ensures they fit snugly with any 2″ insert hydroponic system with a satisfying click!


    If you grow cannabis hydroponically: use these!

    Rating : 5/5



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    25 2 Inch Net Mesh Pots and Neoprene Inserts Combo

    $21.50 $34.53

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    AeroGarden Classic 7-Pod


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    Botanicare 330 Degree Aeroponic Mister – 50 Pack

    $24.30 $24.45

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    Botanicare Aeroponics Cloning (x45)


    Aeroponic Cloner

    Power Cloners use aeroponics to make cuttings root fast and grow quickly. You can also take larger marijuana clones using an aeroponic propagator, which also saves time in the long run.

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    EZ Clone Clear Rez (4oz)

    $7.99 $11.40

    GG2C says : A good cleaning product for your aeroponic misters and pipe work

    Rating 4/5

  • cloning system

    EZ-Clone Classic Cloning System (16)