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Bin digging today but hit clay strate away not good got some picks here ov the spot at about 4-4-30

I walked the long way round today there was cars at the gate so couldn’t climb over too bate

right here’s the picks give me a cople tips if you can plz many thanks I think iv going to start about 22/3Pond next to my spot :) imageSky where suns gona risee


I went to my spot today to drop some soil ther ready and mstop out is really waterlogged need some help think I will take a pot to fill the hole I dug then I can get watered at the same time help me outback guys safe :)

Yea glad iv not gem my seeds yet its snowing over here think April is time to plant so I know thay will suvive the hole is full with water so defo going to take a pot


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by jinje

Hi every one I'm jinje nice to meet you lol just came across this site and had some really good help so here I am I'm 22 just starting up in the world of growing gona get on it this march April time so lets give me some good weather and lots of sunny sunny days for my crop to get the best start in life

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