Growing your own cannabis is simple, once you know how.


Our step by step guide to how to grow cannabis is aimed at all levels of experience, from the newbie just starting out, to the more knowledgeable marijuana grower who wants to find new tips or read about new technologies. And because growing cannabis is our passion and our lifestyle, we hope always to keep this info up to date and up to spec.


To the left you see the index, covering all the basic things you need to know when growing cannabis, with chapters on setting up an indoor grow room, grow lighting, pests and diseases, growing in coco-perlite,  and so on. Each chapter covers the for beginners  basics and moves onto to specialized topics as when we write them! e.g. the popular “Supercropping & extreme stress training“, or “Water temps in a hydroponic system



We believe in sharing the knowledge, so if you have anything you want to say  about what is written here, please post comments on the blog site .. as we say – pass it around :)


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  • hi please contact me

  • Wud like some information,just started a compost
    Grow n wud like to no more to keep them from wud be appreciated.thanks

    • weed widow says:

      well mate there’s plenty of info on the site for background knowledge to help you get a feel of what you need to be doing. I suggest you read around and if you get any specific questions please post a comment and we’ll try to answer quickly :)
      Good luck with it!

  • i have a plant growing outdoors…if its showing signs of flowering already does this mean its an autoflower type plant?

  • I was givin a particularly healthy plant that was birthed from an indoor hydro setup, I unfortunately do not have a single thing to help this teenaged plant, it’s leaves are beginning to droop downward mainly toward the base of the plant aswell as the discoloration and wilting of about three larger shade leaf. I’m one with zero experience but would desperately love to keep this beautiful plant alive, could you possibly help me with any information about what may be happening to my plant?

    • Yh that happened to me when i did a hyro i added another feed n she didnt like it the leaves all drupped to the floor and the roots had a yellow tint to them instead of being white all i did was drained all the water n nutrients and topperd her bk up with fresh clean water n just feed her that and she perked bk up in bout four days..

    • Fred Flintstoner says:

      (Yes!) It’s a weed keep it simple, good lighting , not to much water, trim of the dead leaves.

      • Too true Fred! WHilst I love complicating things by adding new tech or methods to the mix (“lets try silicone” “iws looks good” etc) when it comes down to it I spent many years complicating things only to come back to: simplest is best. cc.

  • I have 5 females plants not sure wot they are as they were a mix package they are now 3 wks old and already started to flower should I use canna a/b with boost hydro as I am confused thanks for your help

  • Hi Andrew – yes you can use canna a&b hydro in flower (what medium are you growing in?) just mix according to the canna feed chart (see The Cannaboost accelerator is a really powerful addition – we’ve only relatively started using it on a weekly basis but each time it was as if “a bud bomb went off in the tent”. Let us know if you need more advice on cannabis nutrients :)

  • I’m new at growing with aeroponics systems. I’ve been growing outside for a while. I’ve doing a lot of research and have made up my mind and going with the botanicares aerojet aeroponics system 4×4/with 5″pots and the K5-XL750 LED from Kind led lights And need help from anyone who knows what I have to do with this system please Let me know as I’m new to aeroponics thanks Randy

  • How much water do I give my plants at 3 weeks from seeds

  • I’m new to the cannabis growing procedure, but after I have come across what seems to look like a seed pod, but it is white and settles or roots itself to the stem of the plant. It kind grows right inside of the buds!
    Can someone please help me out with this pest!
    Thank you,

  • I will email a picture to the email you provided. Thank you

  • my plants are 3 wks into flower and the buds are starting to get too heavy for the stems and they are starting to hang low i have tied them up as best i can but is there anything i can do to prevent this happening again??

    • well its good news and bad isnt it? you really dont want to risk stems snapping at full flower – are you using an oscillating fan? its like a breeze and will encourage stems to thicken up when young. there’s also a product called silicon which is supposed to help

  • ok ty weed widow, yes its a good thing that there is loads of buds =) and they seem ok now i have tied them just didnt want to have the same problem next time, I have had the fan going since day1 to try and help but theres just too much on the branches lol, will maybe try the silicone next time ty

    • out of interest what variety are you growing? some are more spindly than others .. you can always try adding a scrog net to help support a room full of buds

  • Hi help with feeding I bought big bud and cannazyme how much amounts do I add to my canna a and b
    I use 30ml of each a and b to 10litre of water just
    So week 1 of 12/12 6 day in
    And I want to use all in 10litre water but not sure on amounts
    Also will be adding canna boost and pk13/14 later when needed

  • PorkChopExpress says:

    Thinking of adding a CO2 system, but I have a small space (approx. 160 cu ft) that currently requires nearly continuous ventilation to and from the outside. Wondering if boosting the CO2 within the space will lessen the need for introduction of fresh air. Any help/thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

  • auto white widow from pyramid seeds
    Shown first pistil at day 28 and growing healthy and big but no real bloom or flowering almost day 70 reaching but looks like day 70 healthy plant many branches and one thick stalk

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