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Welcome to the Growers Guide


Growing your own cannabis is simple, once you know how. Our step by step guide to how to grow cannabis is aimed at all levels of experience, from the newbie just starting out, to the more knowledgeable marijuana grower who wants to find new tips or read about new technologies.

And because growing cannabis is our passion and our lifestyle, we hope always to keep this info up to date and up to spec. The aim is to help you grow weed well, produce the biggest and best buds and enjoy a mellow smoke and toke. We think that experience in growing marijuana should be shared with all cannabis growers in order that all can use this knowledge. We don’t believe the hype and think that every new innovation should be proven before purchased! And because we can’t stop trying new methods of growing we test run as many new methods as space allows to help you get the info you need to make a buying decision.

You should remember that growing cannabis is illegal in some countries and check your local laws.

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Mission Statement!
From marijuana seed to full budded weed, we are an online marijuana grow guide, grow shop and growing community where we try to pull together any useful information we can find to help growers everywhere get the best out of their cannabis. Happy Tokin


Hi there!

campo cultivatorGG2C has become a time consuming hobby for 2 years- but one I’m really proud of. When someone came up to me recently at Spannabis in Barcelona and said “hey! I know your site” it made all the hours writing this blog worthwhile. So too when we get emails thanking us for tips and advice. Luckily I love trying out new growing styles and kit so there’s always a backlog of things to write about! Leave comments if you have any suggestions for new posts ..

“Campo Cultivator”



Summer 2014

Summer is a busy season for the Growers Guide to Cannabis this year. Hopefully we’ll have time to write about all we’re doing but here’s a quick summary of what to look forward to in the weeks ahead. As soon as the “read more button” appears then the article’s done! And of course if you want to find out when new pieces have been published, please sign up for our e-newsletter :)

But here are some teasers of what to expect …

spannabisSpanish Hemp Fairs

We’ve been up to the Barcelona exhibition in February, and followed it with the Malaga one in May. We’ll be interviewing as many people as possible and bringing you the best of the cannabis world for 2014 …

medical cannabis medgomCan autoflowers work as medical marijuana?

If a loved one gets the awful big C diagnosis and wants to try cannabis oil (RSO) to help treat it, waiting for a full crop of high CBD strains like CBD Crew’s Skunk Haze may be a month too long. An autoflower that gives high CBD with seed to harvest of 65 days may be the answer. To find out how good the plant is Campo’s growing 45 of them in a mix of outdoors and in, so look forward to a grow report and future gas chromatography analysis on this one! We’ve also an interview with the breeders and lots more on the MEDGOM coming soon .

grow a pound of weed

How to grow a pound of weed – every 8 1/2 weeks!

Following our popular “what you need to buy to grow a pound of weed” we’re expanding this with a guide to how to grow a pound of cannabis every 9 weeks .Forget growing big plants, to get a regular product in you need to get organised with a complete continuous cycle grow – and we explain how to do this!

How to grow a pound of weed How to grow a pound of weed

019What’s the best autoflowering strain for 2014?

Autoflowers have come on leaps and bounds since I wrote my piece on autoflowers: a fad or the real thing? And in fact now there are so many good strains around its difficult to know which to recommend. So this year we’re doing a 12 strain grow off from several different breeders, to see which fares best .. Watch this space.



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  • cannabis pests

    How to kill spidermites from your grow room – dead!

    Anyone who’s ever suffered from these pesky pests will know what a blight they can be. I’ve even moved house after unsuccessful attempts to be rid of them! Having now found the means to be rid of them completely I’m delighted to be able to share the news with you. But first, a bit of

  • amnesia haze sea of green iws grow

    IWS system – amnesia haze

    Using an IWS system to do a sea of green amnesia haze grow Firstly, what is an IWS System?   IWS stands for Intelligent Watering System, and it works using a “brain” which controls the flood and drain cycle. They have many plus points, such as being modular (so its easy to increase or

  • cannabis infographic

    The easy “how to” for a continuous cycle cannabis grow

    Earlier this year we had a comment on one of our most popular posts, “What do I need to buy to grow 1 pound of weed?“. Milf said: If you were to get a grow tent for this size operation what would suggest? Would you consider writing something like this for those wanting to

  • Resin Seeds Cannatonic

    Searching for the CBD cannabis strains: part 3

      Searching for the CBD part 3 So it’s been a while since the last post the plants have been growing and the samples sent to the Canna Institute and I’m now pleased to announce we now have the results! … And we will get to that later   The support and help has

  • cannabis is not a drug

    Guide to continuous cycle cannabis grows: or how to harvest 1lb of weed every 8 weeks

      With more and more medical growers coming on to the scene, we get lots of requests for advice on growing bigger quantities than before: in fact our piece “What you need to buy to grow a kilo of marijuana” is still one of our most popular posts. Looking to grow a pound of

  • hash oil

    Hash Oil Explosions

    Hash Oil Explosions 10 people have suffered serious burn injuries in Colorado since January 1st, trying to make hash oil using butane as a solvent. The current and apparently popular technique is packing shake and stems into a pipe and pouring Butane through it to dissolve the THC content to make hash oil. Proper

  • best cannabis strains

    20 Top Strains Every Grower Should Try At Least Once

    Top 20 Cannabis Strains Every Grower Should Try At Least Once Once upon a time when I first started growing, the choices of what strain to grow was pretty small. Basically you grew out what clones your mate could provide OR you headed down the local head shop and asked to see the seeds

  • cannabis enews

    Sign up for enews

    OK so so many of you guys have asked for this, we’ve decided to put together a enewsletter. Don’t know quite how often it will come out (certainly not daily lol, but we are aiming for once a month) but it will be interesting informative and we’ll put in some details of special offers

  • cannabis oil

    Project Storm: Bud Buddies TV documentary about cannabis oil

      Bud Buddies – Support Project Storm! A few months ago I was introduced to someone’s father. A sprightly pensioner in his seventies, sandals and shorts, “Bob” positively glowed with health. Which was surprising really as according to established medicine he should have been long dead by now. Diagnosed with an aggressive form of

  • cfls and cannabis

    Using CFLs to grow autoflowers

              Using CFLs to grow autoflowers   CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lights are bulbs that use the fluorescent (daylight) tube technology but can be placed in regular household E27 sockets. The way that these bulbs work is by fluorescence and that means that there is a gas inside a glass

  • 5 weeks old and still very delicate: but big hopes rest with these little ladies

    Searching for the CBD part 2

    Searching for the CBD part 2 When the Growers Guide embarked on this project everything seemed crystal clear and straightforward .. but as with all things….. life has a habit of chucking those occasional curve balls ..   Project Aims:   To provide a 20:1 (CBD:THC) mother plant so that a family in Europe

  • Dravet Syndrome and the 20:1 CBD cannabis treatment

    Dravet Syndrome and the 20:1 cannabis treatment – Searching for the CBD, part II   All of us who are parents dread the news that our children may be seriously ill. In our secret hearts we see leukaemia in frequent nosebleeds, bulimia in a dieting teenager. For most of us though these fears are only anxiety;

  • high cbd cannabis

    Searching for the CBD

    Searching for the CBD I am a cannabis grower and hobby seed breeder, not a doctor or health professional. So lets get this right from the start; I wont be discussing the whys, hows or ethics of using a high CBD strains to heal ill folks: I will leave that to those who are

  • marijuana_seeds

    Planning my cheesy auto: A Laymans Guide to Seed Breeding

      Planning my Cheesy auto: A Layman’s Guide to Seed Breeding   If any of you have been following my forum posts on rollitup or autoflower.net,  you will know I have just finished growing Kaliman’s cheese no1  and have managed to gather approximately 300 seeds from crossing with an Ice Express auto. Which is

  • clone/seedling light

    Propagation Lights

    Propagation Lights   We all know that the right lighting is necessary for clones and seedlings. Too strong a light, and they will suffer. Too little light and they will stretch and flop. Over the next few weeks I will be conducting a series of amateur trials looking for the most efficient amount of propagation lighting

  • gamers stoners play

    Things to do when you’re stoned: cards against humanity

    Things to do when you’re stoned: cards against humanity   Sometimes its all too easy to take the life of a stoner seriously (really?) .. OK so its not, but on those occasions when you have a few mates round, chilling with some beautiful giggly smoke some ice cold beers .. and the conversation

  • growing cannabis outdoors

    Successful Outdoor Cannabis Grow Guide

    Finally it looks like spring has sprung and with it comes thoughts of growing cannabis outdoors. I’m lucky enough to be able to grow a few plants each year in my garden without this being a problem, so I thought I would share my Successful Outdoor Cannabis Garden Grow Guide  with you   I’ve

  • legalise cannabis

    Colorado 4/20 Celebration

    A new Denver 4/20 celebration appears! While Colorado State Legislators debate if our state should allow cannabis tourism, two Denver entrepreneurs have started the nation’s first marijuana tourism company. My 420 Tours has so-far a signed up a hundred and sixty people who have paid to fly into Denver International Airport and be chauffeured

  • hash making

    Hash Making: Bubble Hash

    How to make Bubble Hash   Bubble hash uses both screening and ice water to make what many feel is the best hash available. Its so pure it bubbles! To make bubble hash, skuff is placed in a large bucket with ice water which is mixed (using an electric mixer) to break off the tricomes.

  • hash making

    How to make hash

    How to make hash Firstly, it is worth repeating the old adage: something is only as good as what you put into it. Or rather, your hash will only be as good as the trim that goes into it. You can process everything from woody stems to male plants, but the result will not be

  • A How To Guide to Guerilla Growing

    A How To Guide to Guerilla Growing As the temperatures warm up and finally it looks like spring may be round the corner for many of us, we begin to think about outdoor growing, and even doing it guerilla style. What is guerilla growing? Quite simply, its a hidden, secret outdoor grow, normally not


best online grow shop


And we know too the fear that goes with ordering something quite expensive and slightly “dodgy” from far away .. rest assured all cannabis seeds are sent using breeders packs, hidden in gift packaging and with tracking info given. Orders are usually processed within 36 hours, but the amount of time it takes for the seeds to get to you depends in part on your country´s postal system!


Bulk buy Autoflowering Seeds Cheap!

Campo’s own autoflowering “ICE EXPRESS”. Bred for uniformity of height and maturation, these packs of regular autoflowering seeds will result in enough females to cover a 1.5m x 1.5m (5 x 5 foot) area nicely to sea of green effect .. all in 10 weeks from seed to harvest. Expect a realistic 1oz (25-30g) per plant.

Bulk buy autoflower seeds in packs of 10,20 and 50 seeds





Got a problem? Use our LIVE CHAT!

If you’ve got a problem, it may be that we’ve come across it ourselves. Years of growing in all environments and mediums, plus moderating forums means there’s lots of stuff the team knows .. so if something’s bothering you, just use the Live Chat.

Need to know about cannabis seedling care? We’ve got tips to make sure you get good germination rates and help you give your seedlings the best start in life ..

cannabis seed germination






Whats your grow medium?

Soil, coco-perlite? Do you max your yield with hydro? Do you know your plants well enough to go for an aeroponics system? And if so, what aeroponics system should you buy?

best online grow shopLike owning your own pub!

You may have guessed that the growers guide team lives sleeps and breathes (and yes we DO inhale!) the art of growing cannabis. SO for us its been a dream come true to open our own little grow shop in our local town… We´ll be writing the story up soon, but its why we´ve not been that busy on the site recently, there´s been SO much to organise and do! On the plus side it now means we can sell direct to you guys the stuff we know works instead of offering it up as an affliate link. Anyway, more of this later …

Medical Marijuana:

The acceptance and use of medical marijuana is possibly the most interesting development in the toking world. GG2C has an expanding medical mj section, with news reports from Colorado and interviews with Jeff Ditchfield & Mel Thomas from Bud Buddies. 

We are developing a medical marijuana cannabis seeds selection too.

If anyone has something they would like to contribute on the healing properties of cannabis, we’d love to hear from you! Share your story with the world by contacting cc@growersguidetocannabis.com








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